Zonto World

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Zonto World (ZONTO)

ZONTO is a complex of software products, solutions, services and technologies aggregated in a single platform. ZONTO system has several functional modules inside, which are collaborating with each other. Such technological solution attaches the emergent new qualities to the complex. Synergistic effect gained through the ZONTO modules collaboration produces significant benefits to the all participants using ZONTO as the means of communication, business, entertainment or purchases. By using technologies, tools and infrastructure of ZONTO, users themselves create “an ecosystem” with chains of connections, interests and mutually beneficial opportunities. Therefore, a new reality arises which we have named - ZONTO.World.

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Opening date 12 Sep 2017
Closing date 12 Oct 2017
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Nikita Rudskoy - CMO
Vladyslav Siedov - iOS Developer
Ilya Andrienko - Android Developer
Roman Zherebko - Back-end Developer
Stanislav Stepichev - UI/UX Designer
Aleksey Podlegaev - DevOps Engineer
Vitaliy Belushenko - UI/UX Designer
Dmitry Kolomiets - Marketer
Angelika Volska - Marketer, PR-manager
Elena Ilina - UI/UX Designer
Valery Ivanov - CIO
Andrey Obihod - Full Stack Developer
Alina Vinogradova - Front-end developer
Konstantin Kostenko - Front-end developer
Dmitry Dzubenko - Back-end Developer
Alex Erdel - Co-founder
Andre Ertel - Co-founder
Konstantin Kosiakov - Co-founder
Country of origin Estonia


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