Taklimakan Network

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Taklimakan Network (TKLN)

Taklimakan Network – is a business platform for cryptocurrency investors, traders, analysts being a connecting resource between beginners and experts.

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Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price 0.025000 USD
Sold on pre-sale 3,316,000 USD
Available for Token Sale 650,000,000
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO
Сan't participate United States of America, Singapore and China
Bonus for the First UP TO 10%
Accepts ETH


Members Venera Osman
Gregory Zaitsev
Rustam Kairy
Rashid Yussup
Yong Ming
Country of origin Singapore


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7 Dec 2018 Dear community! We would like to announce that TKLN token has been listed on IDEX crypto exchange. According to our… https://t.co/s0dicGF2uI
6 Dec 2018 The success of each project depends on both the quality of the product and the qualitative analysis of the market.… https://t.co/ghWWi1omMi
3 Dec 2018 Business Analyst and Co-founder Berik Yernazar held talks with serial entrepreneur Oscar Hartmann. According to Osc… https://t.co/yjriSYnav0
30 Nov 2018 Taklimakan Network team congratulates you with International Computer Security Day! The cryptocurrency market, whi… https://t.co/Hl5HfMUSYn
28 Nov 2018 Today we Introduce the new member of the Taklimakan Network team, Adam Cigelnik - who will be acting as Marketing D… https://t.co/SyisC37WiH
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16 Nov 2018 Dear supporters of Taklimakan Network! We are very glad to announce that the listing date of TKLN tokens have been… https://t.co/Pmr0joiRZa
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