Simply Vital Health

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Simply Vital Health (HLTH)

SimplyVital Health uses a Distributed Hash Table combined with an Ethereum base Blockchain to provide, among many other features, an ability for frictionless data sharing and access to new revenue streams. This is accomplished via an upgrade to data integrity and security system and the addition of an executive governance system for node validation. Their current platform in the market, ConnectingCare, is a realistic, practical utilization of blockchain technology. An intentionally simple introduction of blockchain technology into healthcare, this tool augments their current customers’ infrastructure using existing data to create care pathway flexibility, prospectively track financials, maintain immutable records, and accurately monitor analytics. Health Nexus propels healthcare infrastructure forward and, through the efficient and trustworthy ledger blockchain provides, empowers providers’ worldwide to transition to value based care regardless of their clinical affiliation. The simplicity of secure data sharing allows a patient’s entire care team, from surgeons to specialists, to coordinate the care every step of the way.

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Opening date 22 Feb 2018
Closing date 20 Mar 2018
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price 0.400000 USD
Fundraising Goal 25,000,000 USD
Min Cap 5,000,000 USD
Available for Token Sale 120,000,000
Whitelist YES
Know Your Customer (KYC) YES
Accepts ETH


Members Katherine Kuzmeskas - Co-Founder, CEO
Lucas Hendren - Co-Founder, CTO
Jake Dreier - Director, Growth & Operations
David Akers - Senior Advanced Blockchain Engineer
David Korn - Business Development Strategist
Kenny Winn - Business Development Strategist
Lori Dollard - Business Development Strategist
Country of origin USA


Advisors Alex Bessonov - Blockchain Advisor
Brian Kern, Esq - Healthcare Advisor
Brian Levine - Blockchain Advisor
Brian O'Connor - Healthcare Advisor VP
Irshaad Ebrahim - Blockchain + Healthcare Advisor
James Sowers - ICO Advisor
Jesse Scharff - Healthcare Advisor
John Halamka - Blockchain + Healthcare Advisor
Wayne Vaughan - Blockchain Advisor
Tim Corvino - Healthcare Board Member
Vikram Dhillon - Blockchain + Healthcare Advisor
Rob Wright - Healthcare Board Member


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