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Seele (SEELE)

As pioneers and practitioners of the next generation of blockchain, we work together to create value system and ecosystem with our partners by combining heterogeneous forests, neural network consensus algorithms, computational power sharing between inside and outside chain, and scalable TPS.

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Opening date 26 Feb 2018
Closing date 28 Feb 2018
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Available for Token Sale 500,000,000
Whitelist YES
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO
Accepts ETH



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Members Dr. Bi Wei - Chief scientist
Dr. Maolin Zheng - Dean of the BRI
Dr. Nick Smith - Data analyst
Dr. Stephen Gruppetta - Data scientist
Dr. Gong Hui - Digital currency expert
Liu Wensi - Big data platform architect
Zheng Junjie - Blockchain platform architect
Hong Zhixiong - Blockchain application expert
Qiao Zhigang - Network and distributed system expert
Zhou Leihao - Big data platform architect
Ma Yongxing - Contract platform architect
Qiu Bo - Senior engineer of blockchain


Advisors Prof. Donald Lawrence - Professor, Blockchain Institute, UCL
Prof. John Fox - MLB clinical decision-making system
Peter Du - Famous blockchain investor
Adam Wong - ChainTed Founder
Tiger Park - Community Manager






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