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NVO decentralized exchange is operated through two components. The first one is a multi-cryptocurrencies open source wallet. All keys are created locally on user’s device and never sent to any server. Users control their private keys, can send and receive funds, export wallet, and encrypt the wallet with a password or seed phrase. Developers can develop and add new assets through an open plugins system keeping the wallet lightweight. The second component is a validator hosted on the Safenetwork. Users will connect to the Safenetwork through the wallet to exchange. An application will match the orders issued by the users and check all transactions and order informations are valid. Unlike centralized and semi-centralized exchanges, there isn’t a wallet acting as a relay. Transactions are processed simultaneously through an order matching engine from one wallet to another. The validator on the Safenetwork will check if the transactions are valid prior to being exchanged. The orders are then matched and transactions broadcasted in their respective networks. The validator process raw transactions and doesn’t hold any private keys or assets nor can it sign transactions resulting in a trustless decentralized exchange using the Safenetwork to validate orders.

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Opening date 23 May 2017
Closing date 27 Jun 2017
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Ton Bi - CEO, founder
Yanni Braggui - Lead Developer, co-founder
Country of origin Canada


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Token Price $0.449353 (--18.64)
0.001069 ETH
0.000048 BTC
24h Volume $27000.7
Market Cap $7254765
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Domain Score 4.0
Backlinks 81299


17 Sep 2018 If you are part of the 3% that never received your tokens join telegram.
16 Aug 2018 Vote started: https://t.co/GP4i7xB6F7
28 Jan 2018 @OliDorn @TSWR_Tech Only people registered on Slack received those emails.
26 Jan 2018 @OliDorn @TSWR_Tech It's a scam email.
29 Dec 2017 Some latencies with the Ripple node which lead to some errors. Also working on an auto-updater and on the new API c… https://t.co/0tSHqdWK9R
21 Dec 2017 @AwesomeVinc Their DNS was compromised. Can't really blame that on them.
14 Dec 2017 Join our new telegram https://t.co/ffd5NIv3pO Slack limit reached.
14 Dec 2017 @gram_atl Can you use a ripple block explorer to see the transaction?
14 Dec 2017 We have decided that NVO won't be built on safenetwork by maidsafe, as their network is not technologically ready t… https://t.co/q8Q7h8ecPk
13 Dec 2017 NVO Wallet Beta: A wonderful looking multi-cryptocurrencies desktop wallet https://t.co/U8YMDS557Q via @bramk https://t.co/WuuIxfLakH