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MASS Tokens allow token holders the ability to stake securely in multiple currencies and masternodes simultaneously, while receiving block rewards automatically. Due to their unique situation, MASS Tokens hold twice the value of typical ERC20 tokens. Not only can they be traded on various exchanges around the world, but the tokens themselves lead to a large pool of funds receiving block rewards on a continuous basis, which will drive their value on exchanges even further.

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Opening date 12 Jul 2017
Closing date 23 Jul 2017
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Clinton McLeay Kris Borodiansky
Country of origin Hong Kong


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10 Sep 2017 Refunds are now complete!
10 Sep 2017 The refund process has begun:
6 Sep 2017 As promised, another update! Stay tuned!
2 Sep 2017 An update has been sent out to our newsletter/telegram/etc read here:
4 Aug 2017 A not so short update (It will NOT fit into 140chars)
3 Aug 2017 @LynchToronto The project is moving forward, whether there will be another pre-sale is up in the air still
31 Jul 2017 Manual refund process is now complete. Everyone who requested refunds now has them.
29 Jul 2017 @cmerriamleith Yes the #whitehat returned all of the funds, we offered funds from our own pockets as thanks, they wouldn't accept. #ethereum
27 Jul 2017 @1JoeLite1 #masternodes that are either clones of $DASH or their own twist will continue to gain popularity.
26 Jul 2017 @MaxxABillion this is a bit misleading is it not? It almost seems to imply each address is a person.