Loyakk VEGA

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Opening date 5 Mar 2018
Closing date 4 Apr 2018
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Salim Ali - CEO
Jitu Telang - CTO
Tsvetan Georgiev - Blockchain Technical Architect & Development Lead
Jimjees Abraham - Blockchain Solutions Architect
Jaijiv Prabhakaran - Chief Architect
Marzanne DeLoof - Customer Success
Rakesh Sreekumar - Chief Marketing Officer
Sadiq Quasim - Director, Loyakk Ltd.
Country of origin United Kingdom


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Domain Score 4.4
Backlinks 61


8 Dec 2018 Founders Spotlight AMA with Loyakk ltd CEO @squasim https://t.co/hXeM57eRyY @zillatoken https://t.co/5JWDrCtPBB
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5 Dec 2018 What happens if a fraudulent claim is filed with an #insurancecompany using #Blockchain? The system verifies all cl… https://t.co/tlFtyVFrGw
4 Dec 2018 “Compromised data doesn’t just affect an organization’s bottom line. It can lead to negative consequences even for… https://t.co/MzUSCIUIBa
1 Dec 2018 Loyakk is building a completely new category (not CRM, ERP or SCM) – ERM – Enterprise Relationship Management as a… https://t.co/b3kcoPBh5i
30 Nov 2018 Provide full auditability for all your #Enterprise interactions with the Loyakk #Vega enterprise relationship manag… https://t.co/Ej5syjFbFd
28 Nov 2018 The #Loyakk Vega Platform has high scalability, so it ensures safe and efficient interactions with external organiz… https://t.co/kzQYyRchLq
27 Nov 2018 How #Loyakk is Preserving Jobs and Employee Morale With its Blockchain Solution https://t.co/sTFBPBeAKW https://t.co/vnnBRhGjmR
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