Kubo Coin

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Opening date 22 Jan 2019
Closing date
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


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15 Feb 2019 1/ @StJude has approved @KuboCoin to be the 1st cryptocurrency to be accepted as a digital donation. As cryptocurre… https://t.co/aNm0etc1uI
14 Feb 2019 #Kubo is ONE day away from releasing a major partnership that will change the way people not only see the #Kubo pro… https://t.co/6JuUlnB7ak
14 Feb 2019 @KuboCoin Community: Please check out our latest @Medium post for the $Kubo project! @KuboCoin/what-is-a-masternode-c1297bb446d0">https://t.co/1wlyoOPGd5…
13 Feb 2019 Major thanks to @TCXhub and their team for the amazing work they have put in on their new mobile app! $Kubo is now… https://t.co/jbFp1gSYY7
12 Feb 2019 #kubo is ready to explore the world! Are you joining us on our journey to massadoption? Get ready for The 15th! The… https://t.co/lVuAeY1fSR
11 Feb 2019 @KuboCoin Community: Today at 5PM EST, the $Kubo Team will be having a open call taking questions on the project a… https://t.co/q3Tw1sKoSY
8 Feb 2019 @KuboCoin Community Update: Check out all the new updates for the $Kubo Project this week! Visit our Telegram chan… https://t.co/HclHPOQ8Vx
7 Feb 2019 Check out the newest @Medium post on the $Kubo Project. Please read and share! https://t.co/a8Dp3xnPVU #crypto… https://t.co/jYoJ1vfjxl
6 Feb 2019 Check out this awesome #roadmap video made by @cryptom0on! We love the support of our community! #crypto… https://t.co/RBq96uaKoP
4 Feb 2019 @KuboCoin Community: Today at 5PM EST, the $Kubo Team will be having a open call discussing the OTC market proposa… https://t.co/d5cDTgw5y9