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JOYS Digital (JOYS)

PROJECT`S SUMMARY Joys is an open global blockchain platform for remittance with a help of various crypto- currencies in any stores that are connected to Joys without violating the laws even in those countries where the crypto currency is recognized as a monetary surrogate. WHAT DO WE DO? We create an infrastructure that allows you to conduct transactions in any crypto currency to pay for a part or the full cost for purchasing all over the world. We have created an open API and have already implemented a number of integration solutions in POS systems operating in Russia and Europe. We are working to establish integration solutions with the biggest possible number of POS- systems and connect to the system as many stores as possible. A lot of stores will be able to accept crypto-currencies and tokens of many blockchain projects. WHO NEEDS THIS? Service enterprises which want to receive bitcoin or any other crypto currency. Blockchain projects, which want to provide the opportunity to pay their own crypto currency in any stores. Projects that would like to use blockchains and crypto currency in their business processes in order to encourage participants and establish motivation and loyalty programs. We create a platform and infrastructure for the whole community which integrate the digital economy into the classical real economy, allowing people to get benefits of blockchain technology: to spend less fiat currency and to buy goods cheaper. OUR TARGETS The mission of Joys is to make a contribution to the consolidation of the classical financial system and the industry of crypto-currencies, to bring the transition point of human civilization to the digital economy. OUR KEY FEATURES We have created a working, market-tested system which is already used in stores to automate loyalty programs and marketing campaigns. We create an open platform and payment processing infrastructure for the whole blockchain community with great developing and scaling potential. IN

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Opening date 21 Jun 2018
Closing date 12 Jul 2018
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Ivan Krechetov:
Alexander Shamyan:
Vladimir Tolmachev:
Sergey Zhdanov:
Andrey Mikhaylishin:


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