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Hagglin App (RNT)

Hagglin is a peer-to-peer marketplace combined with a peer-to-peer logistics system, delivered using blockchain technology. There are many marketplaces where individuals can buy and sell goods and services, but the delivery logistics are typically left to more traditional means like postal services, UPS or FedEx. Likewise, many peer-to-peer logistics systems have sprung up in recent years that enable transportation of goods while circumventing traditional delivery services at a far lower cost. However, these marketplaces and systems are all fragmented, and there has yet to be a single platform that combines them in a way that is open and transparent.

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Opening date 31 Oct 2017
Closing date 30 Nov 2017
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Ursula Ruiz - CFO
Shaun David - Director of Marketing
Steve McHugh - Marketing team
Antonio Palazzola - Marketing team
Jonathan Boateng - Marketing team
Srijith Poduval - App creation team
Tim Zhong - App creation team
Jenny Jin - App creation team
Timothee Schoen - App creation team
Daniel Waldman - Pre ICO research team
Ariel Yabo - Smart Contract Development Team
Pablo Yabo - Smart Contract Development Team
Sebastian Raul Wain - Smart Contract Development Team
Luka Staudacher - Smart Contract Development Team
Simon Valencia - Marketing team
Sheel Patel - App Creation Team
Emily K - App Creation Team
Siyu Lu - App Creation Team
Aaditya Singh - App Creation Team
Suji Balfe - App Creation Team
Chris Xue - App Creation Team
Kiara Wahnschafft - App Creation Team
Henry La Soya - App Creation Team
Country of origin Isle of Man/UK


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Token Price $0.130344 (+0.00)
0.000000 ETH
0.000034 BTC
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9 Sep 2017 I just published “Why I founded Hagglin” https://t.co/9PzGFvgyq7
27 Aug 2017 "The Worlds first Peer to Peer Market place combined with Peer to Peer Logistics and Blockchain...."… https://t.co/lAJLkxveCJ
27 Aug 2017 "Самое первое в Мире место для торговли между физическими лицами при помощи Блокчейн Технологий. "… https://t.co/nPWYvUfiZL
27 Aug 2017 "El primer mercado de pares del mundo combinado con logísticas de pares y tecnología blockchain."… https://t.co/9ok689XyMj
27 Aug 2017 "世界で初めてのP2P市場がP2P物流とブロックチェーン技術に合併しました。" https://t.co/t90d78r1bI #hagglinapp https://t.co/0TXDIwnXc9
27 Aug 2017 "Le premier marché des pairs du monde associé à une logistique des pairs et un technologie Blockchain. "… https://t.co/38YxjxNnj6
27 Aug 2017 "Der erste Peer-to-Peer Marktplatz der Welt, kombiniert Peer-to-Peer Logistik mit der Blockchain....."… https://t.co/fexy89HCaD
27 Aug 2017 "Haggling是世界上第一个将P2P市场与P2P物流和区块链技术相结合的平台。" https://t.co/t90d78r1bI #hagglinapp https://t.co/b0dnR9Xfws
27 Aug 2017 "세계 최초로 선보인 피어2피어 마케트플래이스와 결합형 피어2피어 로지스텍스및 블록채인 기술." https://t.co/t90d78r1bI #hagglinapp https://t.co/EYzF3wzEHD
27 Aug 2017 "Il primo mercato mondiale Peer to Peer combinato con il Peer to Peer della logistica e la tecnologi..."… https://t.co/ojkFInxdE3