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Essentia (ESS)

Essentia is a masternoded multi-chained set of protocols connecting centralized and decentralized resources to create new powerful interactions and experiences

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Opening date 7 Jun 2018
Closing date
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price 0.04300 USD
Fundraising Goal 25,000,000 USD
Whitelist YES
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO
Accepts ETH


Members Matteo Gianpietro Zago - Project Lead
Mirco Mongiardino - Product Lead
Vladimir Holubovych - Operations Lead
Privacy Conscious - Blockchain and Architecture Lead CTO
Stefan Djokic - Technical Team Lead
Alex Grek - Senior Developer
Nikolay Hryshchenkov - Technical Team Lead
Dmytro Striletskyi - Technical Team Lead
Oleksandr Kozlov - Software Architect
Sergey Zaharov - Backend Developer
Roman Loboda - Backend Developer
Alex Pikuta - Frontend Developer
Anatoliy Kurotych - Backend Developer
Roman Boyko - Blockchain developer
Oksana Zaharchuk - Blockchain, JS, Nodejs developer
Ilya Korotya - Frontend Developer
Sergey Zaharov - Backend Developer
Oleg Grygola - UI/UX designer
Valentine Panasiuk - UI/UX designer
Andriy Boiko - UI/UX designer
Viktor Shyshko - UI/UX designer
Alexander Ruban - Python Developer
Bedros Awanesian - Head of Business Development
Vlad Pushkar - Head of Marketing
Alexander Bezrodnii - CMO
Olga Trykush - Community Manager
Anna Kunytska - Community Manager
Kateryna Ponurkevych - Content Manager
Dmytro Horbach - Social Media Manager
Jung Hoon Han - Local Korean Manager
Jay Lee - Country manager of South Korea
Country of origin Switzerland


Advisors Moe Levin - Public Sector Advisor
Ran Neu-Ner
Erik van der Staak
Thomas Graham
Yann Marston
Ismail Malik


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