Earth Token

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Earth Token (EARTH)

A decentralised Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform with accompanying Earth Token (EARTH) allows stakeholders in the climate value chain to explore vast untapped market segments including Natural Capital - the world's stock of natural resources. The untapped and undervalued Natural Capital asset class is estimated to be worth in excess of USD $120 trillion, yet no transparent mechanism exists to connect producers of Natural Assets with business, consumers, or IoT devices. The establishment of a Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform with the Earth Token as the settlement mechanism currency will fuel demand side applications including Carbon Mitigation, Climate Neutral Fuel and Waste-to-Energy, offering unique environmental sustainability solutions and the creation of differentiated value for stakeholders to build brand equity and increase market share.

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Opening date 17 Nov 2017
Closing date 15 Mar 2018
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price 0.000227 ETH
Fundraising Goal 2,147,483,647 USD
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Angus Rowe - Co-founder & Chairman
Leonard Harley - Co-founder & Managing Director - IT director
Allan Saunders - Marketing Director & Product Development Director
Wesley Carlson - Director of IT & Blockchain
Peter Newell - Operations Director & Acting Financial Director
Dennis Stone - Director - Renewable Energy
Suyash Sumaroo - Blockchain & Smart Contract Lead
Omwantee Moodoo - NAE Application Development Head
Country of origin Republic of Mauritius



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Token Price $0.000234 (+0.00)
0.000000 ETH
0.000000 BTC
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