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Disciplina (DSCP)

We are developing the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements

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Opening date 27 Apr 2018
Closing date 15 Jul 2018
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price 0.000500 ETH
Fundraising Goal 15,000,000 USD
Min Cap Coins 7,000
Available for Token Sale 74,100,000
Whitelist YES
Know Your Customer (KYC) YES
Accepts ETH, BTC, LTC


Members Ilya Nikiforov - Co-founder
Dmitry Gordovich - Co-founder
Arseniy Seroka - VP of Engineering
Jonn Mostovoy - CTO
Mikhail Volkhov - Backend developer
Dmitry Mukhutdinov - Team Lead
Joakim Goldkuhl - Backend developer
John Burnham - Backend developer
Kirill Andreev - Backend developer
Sebastiaan - Marketing manager
Floriaan - Marketing manager
Norman - Marketing manager
Marco - Marketing manager
Alexander Leonchik - Head of the development department
Sergei Maximov - Lead backend developer
Roman Alterman - Head of the blockchain project
Pavel Shatskih - Head of the design department
Anna Kuprienko - Head of the PR/marketing
Vasiliy Mikhailov - Project manager
Kirill Kuvshinov - Blockchain developer
Yuriy Friedrichson - Frontend developer
Jane Desyatnikova - Frontend developer
Ekaterina Tankova - Frontend developer
Roman Novoselov - Backend developer
Gregory Dvoryaninov - Quality assurance
Yuriy Chaukin - UX/UI designer
Olga Khristuk - Graphic designer
Andrey Skryabnev - Lead of the photo/video production
Valery Vekov - Head of the account department
Rustam Mikailov - Sales Manager
Valery Bogdanov - Sales Manager
Maria Zhiveinova - Content manager
Elena Lev - Content manager
Maria Muratova - Content manager
Valeriya Romanova - Content & social media manager
Slava Darmaev - Content & social media manager
Tatiana Smorchkova - Content & social media manager
Ivan Ludevig - Digital marketing manager
Maria Goncharevich - Digital marketing manager
Polina Gordovich - Translator/editor
Soyeon Noh - Korean Chief Editor
Tee Peng - Chinese Chief Editor & Content Manager
Manuel Parra - Spanish Chief Editor
Timo Becker - Spanish Translator
Valeria Blokhina - Translator
Anastasiya Moroz - Bounty manager
Oksana Timakova - Office manager
Country of origin Estonia


Advisors Kenji Sasaki
Jason King
Antonio Menéndez Sierra
Alexey Shmonov
George Basiladze


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5 Jun 2019 DISCIPLINA will have no “verification centres” that have an unlimited right to register or, vice versa, refuse the… https://t.co/rD4zFCzmQo
30 May 2019 The project team will implement a Web of Trust (analogous to PGP) into the network protocol. The Web of Trust will… https://t.co/epGouPWAVW
28 May 2019 Students will be able to receive grades and qualifications via the educational app that records them on the blockch… https://t.co/WEXlShrxwI
24 May 2019 The services that are connected to the DISCIPLINA network will be able to implement blockchain technologies into th… https://t.co/cnp9bSCLwW
22 May 2019 HR-agencies, private HR-agents, platforms for personnel search, employers and entrepreneurs will be able to registe… https://t.co/oYNYhMlYGG
17 May 2019 Any person will be able to find high-quality educational opportunities with the help of reliable ratings of educati… https://t.co/1Kg3nauAAK
14 May 2019 Any person that is studying or would like to find an educational programme can register on DISCIPLINA as a student… https://t.co/u6Rjmbdvap
7 May 2019 DISCIPLINA project is being developed specifically for the education and recruiting spheres, so it is people and in… https://t.co/TYBR9UuCMq
25 Apr 2019 The technical pool will be formed in such a way that the share of tokens from the total volume of token issue will… https://t.co/AfLO7ZvW7K
23 Apr 2019 After the launch of MainNet the DISCIPLINA team is planning to form a token technical pool that will prevent any st… https://t.co/eE8pBo72Uw