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DAO IPCI is an already-working decentralized blockchain ecosystem that allows businesses and individuals, governments and NGOs to join or launch autonomous environmental mitigation programs, and bridge them to monetize all types of environmental assets. This should help raise green finance needed for reaching below 2 C Paris Agreement aim and UN sustainable development goals. The DAO IPCI ecosystem allows diverse stakeholders (governments, civil society, businesses and individuals) to participate directly in mitigation activities, register quantified commitments, invest in green projects, offset carbon footprint, acquire and trade mitigation outcomes.From its launch in early 2016 DAO IPCI has brought together experienced blockchain and green finance developers along with globally renowned experts who formed the advisory board. Minimum necessary functional of the DAO IPCI protocol and decentralized application have been in place since late 2016. Several months later DAO IPCI reached a historical milestone - the very first world - wide carbon credit transaction using blockchain technology. Mitigation Token (MITO) is a protocol-based ERC20 token acting as market exchange vehicle, designed to represent environmental and climate mitigation costs including carbon price. At the post-token sale stage strict correlation of the MITO and 3-rd party verified environmental mitigation assets will be ensured, hedging price volatility of green finance markets. New MITO issues will be only possible one year after the Initial Token Offering, whilst 50% of newly issued tokens shall be distributed among existing MITO holders.

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Opening date 15 Nov 2017
Closing date 15 Dec 2017
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Anton Galenovich - Lead Developer & Cofounder
Alexey Shadrin - Co-founder
Sergey Lonshakov - Co-founder & DAO Architect
Sergey Sitnikov - Сo-founder
Eugene Radchenko - Project Manager
Max Gutbrod - Advisor
Douglas Prentice - Advisor
Cao Yin - Advisor
Xiachen Zhang - Advisor
Yuri Anisimov - Advisor
Country of origin Russia


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