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Bitnation (PAT)

The Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) is an ERC20 compatible in-app token for the Pangea Jurisdiction. The PAT token is a reward token for accumulating proof-of-reputation tokens. Non-tradable reputation tokens are issued issued when Citizens create a contract, successfully complete a contract, or resolve a dispute attached to a contract. PAT is algorithmically distributed based on performance, rather than purchasing power, popularity or attention.

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Opening date 25 Mar 2018
Closing date 24 Apr 2018
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price 0.009000 USD
Fundraising Goal 30,000,000 USD
Available for Token Sale 14,280,000,000
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO
Accepts ETH, BTC


Members Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof - Founder & CEO
James Fennell Tempelhof - Chief Operations Officer
Dr. John Matthews - Chief Financial Officer
Sonja Prstec - Chief Legal Officer
Kenneth Lillieholm - Chief Legal Officer
Rachelle Traboulsi - Executive Assistant
Abhimanyu Dayal - DApp Fund Manager
Erik Vollstädt - Community Director
Joffy Mills - Media Director
Alma Sommer - Social Media
Eddy Azar - Growth Hacker
Jacob Cox - Community Engagement
Kent Dahlgren - Chief Technology Officer
Florian Lenz - Chief Software Architect
William Huang - Solidity Developer
Alberto Estarrona - Snr iOS / Android Developer
Andrew Selivanov - iOS / Android Developer
David Gross - UX/UI Developer
Mark Nuzz - Systems Architect
Thiago Souza - AI Developer
Mark Wong - Snr React Native Dev
Daniel França - Fullstack JS Dev
Adrian Pollio - Creative Director
Camilo Luna - Web Developer
Johan Nygren - Proof-of-Individuality, Swarm distribution
Spencer Ferri - Machine Learning, Exocortex
Mawo - Chief Security Officer
Country of origin Switzerland


Advisors Rick Falkvinge
David Orban
Vinay Gupta
Todd Huffman
Kilian Kleinschmidt
Vít Jedlička
David Drake


Starred by 8
Watchings 15
Contributions 5
Forks 6
Commits 30
Open Issues 13



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Token Price $0.009308 (+0.00)
0.000000 ETH
0.000002 BTC
These numbers show how much the token price has changed relative to the initial ICO token price.




Domain Score 5.4
Backlinks 1523


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