Beluga Pay

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Beluga Pay (BBI)

Beluga Pay is a mobile point of sale system that will accept crypto, credit and debit. Beluga acquired an exclusive, perpetual, global license to Espiral Technologies S.A. de C.V. and their team, to expand its payment technology to new regions. Beluga will replicate their successful model in developing countries with adequate technology (smartphones), high levels of unbanked citizens and where larger, incumbent companies have not converted merchants to modern payment methods. Micro and Small businesses transact over $6.5 trillion USD annually, yet less than 10% of these merchants accept digital payments. Beluga will deliver an innovative range of products to make merchants lives easier. Their native cryptocurrency BBI, will solve real-world merchant problems and provide unique incentives. BBI token-holders receive .5% of all transaction fees and BBI can be used as gas for near-instant merchant deposits (currently card payments can take up to 2-3 working days to process.) Each BBI token can be used as membership for 1 month of Beluga Pro which offers advanced analytics and faster settlement speed than non-BBI-Gas deposits. Loyalty points will be accrued by users of the platform and can be redeemed for travel, entertainment, goods and services.

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Opening date 1 Dec 2017
Closing date 14 Jan 2018
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price 0.001042 ETH
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members Alex Avila - Chief Executive Officer
Hugo Munguía - Chief Technology Officer
Saravana Malaichami - Chief Data Officer
María Avila - Customer Happiness



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Token Price $0.026388 (+0.00)
0.000000 ETH
0.000004 BTC
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16 Nov 2019 #belugapay #fintech #startups
17 Sep 2019 Come meet us at Money 20/20 2019 ... we will be demoing our products
14 Aug 2019 We are alpha testing BBI staking. Beta coming soon, stay tuned
4 Jun 2019 BBI #staking and first steps towards utility will be launched this summer. Thanks for all your support!
24 Apr 2019 Come visit our booth at #talentland2019
1 Apr 2019 We are planning to complete the bounty BBI delivery at 4 pm CST. Thank you for your patience and support.
1 Mar 2019
26 Feb 2019 Visit El Mono Cromático in Guadalajara, Mexico that accepts VISA/MasterCard #payments in their shop.
25 Jan 2019 Dashboard for #dreamers ✨ Review all the operations made in-platform, obtain detailed reports, advanced informatio…
22 Jan 2019 Accept all forms of payment with the Beluga Pay #POS #LaTerminalparaEmprender #business #digitalpayments…