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Ankorus (ANK)

Ankorus will forge a vital new connection from the crypto sphere to the established world of finance, enriching both with enhanced levels of opportunity and security. Ankorus will enable cryptoholders to buy real world financial assets. In exchange for cryptocurrency, Ankorus will create and allocate tokens that are exactly value-pegged to their corresponding assets. The natural result we expect to be a radical disruption to the traditional financial world.

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Opening date 25 Nov 2017
Closing date 25 Dec 2017
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price
Whitelist NO
Know Your Customer (KYC) NO


Members John Cruz - CEO & Head of Trading
Shawn McLean - CTO
Haldane Marnoch - COO
Martin Higgins - Media Director
Craig Absiyeh-Eichmeier - Community Manager
Country of origin United Kingdom


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2 Jul 2019 **ANNOUNCEMENT: ANK Token Burn Completed** July 1: 20m ANK were burned. Just over 30m ANK remain.
21 Jun 2019 Ankorus to Burn 40 Percent of Tokens - Token to Play Key Role in Zaner Digital Brokerage Referral Program (PRESS RE…
29 May 2019 Rapid onboarding, within 24hrs, vs exchanges that can take weeks/months. Banked with Chase, Citibank and U.S. Banco…
29 May 2019 **ANK holders** share commissions and help grow ZanerDigital by referring OTC business: ANK holders with 10k-100k r…
29 May 2019 **Announcement** 20m ANK will be burned in the coming month, leaving approximately 30m ANK remaining.
29 May 2019 **ANK holders** share commissions and help grow ZanerDigital by referring business: ANK holders with <100k receive…
28 May 2019 Fast onboarding, low fees and regulated oversight. Start trading digital assets within 24 hours with
27 May 2019 **Announcement** Happy to announce Ankorus is now open for business as ZanerDigital - Digital Asset Brokerage and S…
7 Sep 2018 @ReggieMiddleton in Nigeria, on the promise of VeGold. Combining crypto with actual wealth and "changing the way th…
18 Jul 2018 Low fees and fast settlement cryptocurrency OTC brokerage - coming later in the year. See