Hong Kong Meetup Dec 19 2017 for IOTA

19 December 2017


Hong Kong Meetup

@social_nakamoto is launching the worlds biggest #DLT #Meetup Series

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Hong Kong Meetup

Direct Link: https://tokensrecord.com/events?e=NTUw

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4 Jun 2018 Today we had release our Fact Validation Bot in Telegram. You can start using it. Open an account at http://tokensrecord.com (login). Then follow the link My Projects and connect your Telegram account to your website account to start validating ico facts.
14 Apr 2018 Today we started open discussion of our due diligence tools on bitcointalk. Join our thread on bitcointalk and share your ideas about improving ICO industry. Join Discussion on Bitcointalk.org
7 Apr 2018 During last week our community had reviewed about 20 projects and showed the results on due diligence page. Take a peak and if you want to join us feel free to add Red or Green Flags about projects you review.
28 Mar 2018 Due diligence for today World Wi-Fi, Coinseed, Mossland. More details here.
27 Mar 2018 Due diligence for a set of project was done during last week by our team. You can see results here https://tokensrecord.com/ico-due-diligence.
22 Mar 2018 We added a video review of trading tool for Binance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpDmTIDl_yg.
20 Mar 2018 Promote your ICO: 7 ways how you can do it with TokensRecord.com https://medium.com/@tokenrecord/7-ways-to-promote-your-ico-with-tokensrecord-com-e0f159f30f6b
17 Mar 2018 Read more about ways to promote your youtube reviews with TokensRecord.com https://medium.com/@tokenrecord/promote-your-youtube-ico-reviews-df1b1a4022ae.
16 Mar 2018 We had launched ICO due diligence page https://tokensrecord.com/ico-due-diligence so projects can track how project review process.
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