is a community portal done by a group of enthusiasts. It is a set of tools to audit and track projects, set up communication with projects based on facts, planned events. It is a tool to build a community around the projects for team that do their work well .
TokensRecord - ICO listing, Crypto Project Events list, Crypto Project Red Flags list, Trading Tools for Crypto Exchanges.
It is a place to share important facts about projects and identify those that worth community contribution and support.

ICO review procedure

Open Transparent Framework for community to do project reviews and to identify projects with potential.

Red Flags explained

No ICO review or report or hype around the project should make you thoughtlessly send your money.

Red Flag Identification

There are several attributes each project should have to be trusted.

Got a Red Flag? What next?

What should and should not teams members and project community do if their ICO got a red flag for reason.

What are the green flags?

Add facts about your project proved with source links to make it easier for the community to review your ICO.

Trading Tools

One page combines data about recent twitter posts, project events and price changes, community metrics of listed projects.

ICO widgets for your website

There are not so many things that can make your website more attractive for visitors.

Crypto event widgets for your website

Today events, exchange listings, releases, bittrex events, active ICO, upcoming ICO.

Promote your video reviews

A free way to promote your video is to post it on as a video review for a project.

ICO Team Member Search



No Public discussion

Comments are turned off under every video on youtube channel. Very suspecious.

Added on 10 January 2020

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Crowd Machine

No company info

Added on 10 April 2019

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Blockchain Support

No information about what type of blockchains will Metronome support.

Added on 16 March 2019

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Newton Project
(Blockchain Service)

GOAL: $16,400,000

Decentralized infrastructure of protocol-based economy.

Ended: 10 Dec

(Blockchain Service)

GOAL: $16,800,000

nOS is a virtual operating system, web browser, and decentralized application gateway

Ended: 8 Nov


GOAL: $15,000,000

A Blockchain-based Advanced TCP/IP Architecture Providing Constant Connectivity for Dynamic Networks

Ended: 18 Oct

(Blockchain Service)

GOAL: $16,000,000

CryptoCurve accelerates the positive global impact of blockchain technology through an ecosystem of user-experience-driven products and programs that help individual investors, software developers, an

Ended: 30 Nov


GOAL: $2,000,000

Making the rapidly growing blockchain industry a safer place by making information security open and accessible to all users. The Universal Security Platform is an all-inclusive suite of ready-made cy

Ended: 31 Oct


Reddit AMA

We will be hosting our next #AMA session on Reddit on the 7th of April.


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Mainnet Upgrade

The Achain mainnet will be upgraded on April 8, 2020, when the transfer function of the Achain wallet and Kcash wallet will be affected.


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AMA & Quiz

@Maqstik looks forward to answering your queries on 8 April at 8:00 UTC.


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